Being top-180 in scoring shouldn't make you a top-six forward

Shawn Reis
May 05 2017 04:16PM

There seem to be two main thoughts when it comes to what constitutes a top-six forward in the NHL. The more traditional perspective generally seems to say that anyone that puts up 50+ points in an 82 game season is at least a top-six forward. The other perspective argues that a top-six forward is anyone that finishes top-180 in scoring (30 teams multiplied by 6 forwards is 180 forwards). Applying the second perspective to the 2016-2017 season, a top-six forward was anyone that had a .43 points per game, or 35 points over 82 games.

But while the second perspective is more logical, I've always leaned more towards the first approach. After all, you strive to be a great team and have a great offense, and I never saw guys that could only muster 35 points in the top-six of a team like Chicago or Pittsburgh. But I also never really put this idea to the test until now.

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Please stop comparing these Leafs to those Avs

Evan Presement
May 04 2017 01:58PM



Despite the Leafs’ storybook season, many are skeptical of their success. Was this season the real deal, or was it a mirage?

Toronto will always be heavily criticised just because they’re such a talked about (and disliked) team. Realistic arguments as to why they will be successful long-term are bountiful, while arguments against the success of the franchise are fairly weak and petty.

However, there is one point in particular that many skeptics seem to reference: The 2013/14 Colorado Avalanche.

Let’s go back to the lockout-shortened 2012/13 season. Colorado had been on the downswing for a few years at this point but would bottom out. They recorded 39 points in 48 games, good for second-worst in the NHL. The Avs had an 18.8% chance of securing the first overall pick, second only to the Florida Panthers’ 25%. Colorado ended up winning the lottery, selecting Nathan MacKinnon.

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Watch the Game Episode 36: Back to Basics

Watch The Game Podcast
May 03 2017 08:03AM

watch the game image

Cam and Adam are back on the podcast as they join Sam to talk about the playoffs, Sidney Crosby and the NHL awards. 

Things get a bit weird. 

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Future Free Agents: Brian Boyle

Cam Lewis
May 03 2017 07:00AM


© Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Brian Boyle was acquired by the Toronto Maple Leafs for a pretty hefty price at this year's trade deadline. He said at the end of the team's season that he would be open to returning to Toronto, but as a 32-year-old, it's also likely going to be Boyle's final chance to make a big payday in free agency. Where will the elite fourth line centre end up? 

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Two years in, and still no critical thought of Calgary's new arena project

christian tiberi
May 01 2017 04:27PM



In recent days, an article from the Calgary Sun has made the rounds on social media, mostly because of its big scary title: "Flames aren’t bluffing, it’s just a basic business decision." In reference to the recent developments regarding the new arena for the Calgary Flames, the author argues that the team is actually serious about moving, and that the city should pony up and pay for the new arena. It's the same old crock.

I really wouldn't care about it (not even going to bother to directly link to it), but the Flames' own players are starting to tweet it out and, from my observation, it's causing panic for people who should really know better. Even worse, it's causing people to agree with the arguments despite the lack of critical thought used in writing said article.

Ever since Ken King appeared on Toronto radio, we've been exposed to takes that take his poor word choice seriously, and this is the latest. It's a mish-mash of bad arguments and deliberate misinformation designed to scare the reader into believing that your city government is trying to screw you out of a hockey team (for reasons unknown, really. The article isn't well-constructed).

Here is a point-by-point rebuttal of these arguments, because critical thinking is key for these situations.

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