Stats vs. Eye-Test is Dead – There is Only the Acceptance or Denial of Evidence-Based Analysis

Jeremy Davis
November 15 2017 11:32AM



For as long as sports have been around, they’ve been romanticized. We like to weave stories around athletes who perform impressive feats at the unlikeliest of times, and the amalgamation of these tales, passionately stitched together, produces the mythology of a player, a team, or a sport.

For a long time now, statistics have disrupted this mythology. They don’t buy into the big moments, treating them like any other event. They aren’t fooled by fluctuations in samples known to be affected mainly by luck. And, in general, they’re all business and very little fun.

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Nation Notebook: Teams looking for upgrades and the aftermath of the Duchene trade

Cam Lewis
November 12 2017 04:05PM


This a weekly feature that rounds up news, rumours, and interesting things happening around the NHL. 

Last weekend, the Colorado Avalanche finally pulled the trigger on a deal involving Matt Duchene. The third overall pick from the 2009 draft has been wanting out of Colorado since last Christmas, and it was expected he would be moved over the off-season. But, oddly enough, in the middle of a game, Joe Sakic dealt Duchene in a three-team deal involving the Ottawa Senators and Nashville Predators.

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Get Out While You Still Can: Erik Gudbranson and the Sunk Cost Fallacy

Jeremy Davis
November 07 2017 09:54AM



Coming into this season, there was a whole lot of discussion about Erik Gudbranson. The pending unrestricted free agent was awarded a one-year $3.5 million extension in the summer after missing the majority of his first season with the Vancouver Canucks.

Gudbranson has been a polarizing player throughout his young career, with some lauding his physical, stay-at-home style, and others criticizing his horrendous possession numbers. The conflict between these two camps seems to be coming to a head as time ticks away on his one-year pact with the team, bringing on serious questions about what to do with the 6-foot-5 Ottawa native going forward.

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Nation Notebook: Rangers possibly selling, Vegas finally cooling, and possible Houston expansion

Cam Lewis
November 03 2017 10:26AM



This a weekly feature that rounds up news, rumours, and interesting things happening around the NHL. 

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Could the New York Rangers be #ActuallyBad Enough to Win the Draft Lottery?

Pat Keogh
October 30 2017 09:00AM


On paper, it seemed like the New York Rangers improved this offseason. 

They traded their top-line center Derek Stepan for Anthony DeAngelo and the 7th overall pick, but Tony D was considered NHL-ready and the hope was that either the player taken with that 1st round pick, Lias Andersson, or his counterpart taken at 21, Filip Chytil, would slot into the depth chart high enough that New York’s problems down the middle would be mitigated. Trusted Sportsbooks like Bookmaker suggested the Rangers would contend for a playoff spot this season, but what's gone wrong? 

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