Two years in, and still no critical thought of Calgary's new arena project

christian tiberi
May 01 2017 04:27PM



In recent days, an article from the Calgary Sun has made the rounds on social media, mostly because of its big scary title: "Flames aren’t bluffing, it’s just a basic business decision." In reference to the recent developments regarding the new arena for the Calgary Flames, the author argues that the team is actually serious about moving, and that the city should pony up and pay for the new arena. It's the same old crock.

I really wouldn't care about it (not even going to bother to directly link to it), but the Flames' own players are starting to tweet it out and, from my observation, it's causing panic for people who should really know better. Even worse, it's causing people to agree with the arguments despite the lack of critical thought used in writing said article.

Ever since Ken King appeared on Toronto radio, we've been exposed to takes that take his poor word choice seriously, and this is the latest. It's a mish-mash of bad arguments and deliberate misinformation designed to scare the reader into believing that your city government is trying to screw you out of a hockey team (for reasons unknown, really. The article isn't well-constructed).

Here is a point-by-point rebuttal of these arguments, because critical thinking is key for these situations.

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Buying into the Ottawa Senators is a mixed bag

Jeff Veillette
May 01 2017 03:13PM

Photo Credit: Marc Desrosiers/USA TODAY SPORTS

Before we get into this, let's make something perfectly clear: every fanbase has an awful vocal minority and the definition of what an awful vocal minority is will often change from person to person. Despite the fact that we're all here for our mutual interest in a fantastic and entertaining sport, the slight differences in how we appreciate the game will always find a way in tearing us apart. Hell, we just watched this fanbase lose its mind about a few people being unfollowed on twitter and the event that kickstarted this rebuild was the blowback from the players not saluting the crowd after a game.

Maybe that's because certain opinion sets are attached to other life philosophies. Maybe it's just blind "I'm right, and those who disagree are wrong and are bad" chest thumping. But it happens everywhere, and sometimes, you'll see it bleed over into arguments about other teams. One of the most obvious ones, at least over the course of these playoffs, has been the rise of the overly excited Ottawa Senators fan.

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Lay off the Orange Crush: Edmonton still lost the Hall for Larsson trade

Evan Presement
April 30 2017 08:00AM

Recently, talk surrounding last summer's Taylor Hall for Adam Larsson trade has picked up. Why? Well, Larsson and the Oilers are in the second round of the playoffs while Hall's Devils are focused on the draft lottery.

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Saturday Seven: And Then There Were Eight

Curtis LeBlanc
April 29 2017 11:47AM

The first round of the 2017 Stanley Cup Playoffs did not go as many had expected. From the Toronto Maple Leafs giving the league-best Washington Capitals a run for their money in six games to the Nashville Predators sweeping the perennial cup-contender Chicago Blackhawks, it was heartbreaking and exhilarating for fans of the fastest game on earth.

With only eight teams remaining and second round series under way, there's been a lot to talk about in the hockey world.

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A few thoughts on the Sens' attendance problem

Ryan Fancey
April 28 2017 01:41PM

Chances are you've heard a lot about the Ottawa Senators' inability to sell out playoff games over the last few days, especially if you're a hockey fan living in Ontario. On one hand you have folks living in Ottawa going on the defensive about it, and those down in the Golden Horseshoe using it as a rallying point to troll their intraprovincial rivals. Either way, this situation is getting a lot of air time (or Twitter focus, I guess), and as a person residing in the the nation's capital, I've given it my fair share of thought.

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