Future Free Agents: Ryan Miller

Cam Lewis
April 19 2017 07:00AM


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When the Vancouver Canucks signed Ryan Miller back in July 2014, it was surely a move that was expected to make the club competitive. But things didn't work out that way. Miller was solid for the Canucks, save for an injury-riddled 2014-15 season, but the team only made one playoff appearance during his three years in Vancouver. Now Miller is soon to turn 37 years old and is running out of opportunities to win the first Stanley Cup championship of his career. 

Is he still good enough to take a team to that level? Or is Miller going to have to switch gears and take on more of a depth, mentorship role with a contending team? 

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Watch the Game Episode 35: Partial Playoff Preview

Sam Blazer
April 18 2017 04:36PM

watch the game image

Adam is back and he joins Sam to preview the playoffs. They agree on the Eastern Conference but you aren't going to believe who they like in the Western Conference. 

Enjoy the best time of the year!

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The Nation Notebook: Wild in tough, Snow's security, and KHL shenanigans

Christian Pagnani
April 17 2017 07:00AM


The Nation Network Notebook is a regular feature that rounds up interesting news, stories, and rumours from around the NHL that don’t quite deserve their own article. 

The playoffs have begun! The Blues have taken a 3-0 in their series against the Wild. The NHL says Garth Snow is doing okay. Matt Calvert gets a game off for his cross-check. One KHL team might be doing whatever it takes to win.

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Goalies and the Playoffs Part 3: How to Win a Series

Joel Short
April 16 2017 10:30AM


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We know that goalie performance is a major factor to playoff success. I wanted to get a better sense of just how big a factor it is, so I looked at shot volume and Sv% for every best of 7 playoff series since 1984. (I excluded the first round for 84 to 86, since it was then a best of 5.) 

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NHL First Round Preview: Chicago Blackhawks vs. Nashville Predators

Megan Kim
April 13 2017 01:04PM

This is part of a playoff preview series based at NHLNumbers.com

While some of the playoff landscape is not quite what we've been used to -- welcome back, Leafs and Oilers -- we're at least in familiar territory with the Central Division. Stop me if you've heard this before: The Chicago Blackhawks coasted to a first place finish in the Central (and the Western Conference) and will face the second wild card in the first round. This year, the second wild card happens to be the Nashville Predators.

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