Watch the Game Episode 30: Freestylin' with Mike Fail

Watch The Game Podcast
March 11 2017 12:12PM

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Sam has Mike Fail on the podcast to talk about VANHAC, the Flames, awards and changes to the NHL trade deadline. They also just talk about whatever the hell they want. 

It's a good one, get into it.

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The Nation Notebook: NHL Drops Expansion Draft Ball, Salary Cap To Rise, 'Bye-Week' Questioned

Cam Lewis
March 10 2017 07:00AM


The Nation Network Notebook is a regular feature that rounds up interesting news, stories, and rumours from around the NHL that don’t quite deserve their own article.

Wednesday morning's NHL general manager meetings provided us with a wealth of interesting news about the landscape of the league moving forward. The league doesn't have plans to make a spectacle of the Vegas expansion draft, the salary cap could rise next season, and the bye-week is being reconsidered, but without an Olympic break in mind. 

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Saying Goodbye To Alex Burrows, The Most Underrated And Controversial Player In Canucks History

Cam Lewis
March 09 2017 04:00PM

The Canucks pulled off a heist last week when they acquired Jonathan Dahlen from the Ottawa Senators in exchange for Alex Burrows. The benefits of that transaction for the Canucks have been discussed ad nauseam across the blogosphere since then, which will likely continue for the forseeable future. Alex Burrows, on the other hand, has yet to receive a proper send-off from this particular corner of the internet. So, today we look back on Alex Burrows, and his unforgettable tenure with the Vancouver Canucks. 

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Thanks to the NHL’s hard work, Vegas expansion should be as boring as humanly possible

Jonathan Willis
March 09 2017 02:00PM



There’s an old line about every challenge being an opportunity in disguise, but the NHL operates under the reverse of that principle. For the league, opportunities are not openings to be exploited but rather problems in disguise.

So it should come as no shock that with an upcoming expansion draft, the league is once again doing its best to dampen down enthusiasm and sideline what should be a marquee event.

Let’s start with what an amazing opportunity this is, and the correct way to handle it.

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The Edmonton Oilers must fix their penalty kill before the postseason

Jonathan Willis
March 09 2017 11:20AM



We got our first look at Todd McLellan’s revised penalty kill against the New York Islanders on Tuesday, as the Oilers took their first penalty in the month of March.

The good news is that it’s always a bad idea to draw firm conclusions from a sample of one. The bad news is that the Islanders scored, continuing an awful shorthanded run for Edmonton that stretches back to the start of 2017.

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