On Cheat Code Contracts - A Thought Exercise

Chase W.
January 05 2013 12:06PM


 "Are you rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrready?" -Michael Buffer


After months of posturing through ‘take-it-or-leave-it’ negotiating, absurd press conferences, a search for a podium, rumors of NHLPA decertification, a good ol’ Canadian boy losing his mind, the filing of a lawsuit, and a bunch of other nonsense I’ve tried my damndest not to pay attention to, the aura of a 2013 NHL season seems closer than ever. While each side tries to squeak out everything they can bargain at the last minute, it seems that the DeLorean will indeed reach 88 mph before the point of no return. In proffering such optimism, I would like to speak briefly on one of issues that is going to change (I’ll say that again: change) the NHL under the new collective bargaining agreement; that is, the structure of player contracts, and specifically, the proposed maximum player term lengths.

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Best of the Nation – 12.30.12

Jonathan Willis
December 30 2012 09:00AM

We're now in the thick of the holiday season and there's no NHL hockey, but there's still lots to talk about. The league made a new CBA offer this week, the World Juniors and Spengler Cup are on, and the Toronto Maple Leafs continue to butcher the handling of their top young players.

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Merry Christmas!

Kent Wilson
December 24 2012 09:40AM



May all the Nations Network writers have a very merry Christmas today and tomorrow. Unless you're a grinch or something, then may you have a miserable humbug and successfully ruin everyone else's good time (looking at you, Bettman). 

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Best of the Nation: 12.23.12

Jonathan Willis
December 23 2012 08:48AM

Lockout talks, an Evander Kane trade, a plan to rebuild the Calgary Flames, World Junior primers and a host of other topics were covered at the Nation Network this weeks - read past the jump to see more.

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Permanent Decertification is Certifiable

Graphic Comments
December 21 2012 10:10PM

Decertification is certifiable

The momentum is growing. Every day the calls to decertify or otherwise disband the NHLPA are growing. And I don't mean from NHL players.

No, hockey fans and media alike are now so fed up with what passes for collective bargaining in the NHL that they want to blow up the entire system. We're not talking just decertifying for the purposes of forcing the NHL to actually make a deal under threat of anti-trust lawsuits, i.e. what the NHL is alleging and what the NHLPA surely intends to do.

No, there are now calls to permanently abolish the NHLPA and in so doing completely free up all restrictions to player movement, including the NHL draft.

Personally, I'm not so sure this is a great idea...

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