The Theory and Nature of Current Advanced Hockey Analysis

Kent Wilson
May 11 2012 09:16AM



(NHLNumbers will occassionally publish some of our author's archival material. This article was originally posted on July 23rd, 2011)

Before we move forward, it makes sense to discuss and explicate the basis of the analyses we tend to engage in here. The theory, the application and the practicality of the stats we employ and the resultant interpretations. 

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NHLNumbers Podcast - Relaunch Epsiode 1

NHLnumbers Podcast
May 10 2012 04:32PM



Although we have more than a few NHLNumbers podcasts already under our belts, today we reveal the NN podcast relaunch created and produced by the good folks of Driving Play. This will become a regular feature here at NHLNumbers, so feel free to have a listen and share some of your comments, complaints, criticisms and, of course, lavish praise.

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2012 NHL Mock Draft - Early May Edition

Derek Zona
May 10 2012 03:03PM

Will the Edmonton really select...?
Photo by Fanny Schertzer via Wikimedia Commons, commons license

The NHL Draft will probably be the most important hockey-related event for Canadians in 2012 (unless you believe TSN's World Juniors hype, and you don't).  None of Canada's seven storied franchises made the second round of the playoffs, so the possibility of Stanley Cup-related hype is out.  Three of Canada's storied franchises draft in the top five, with the Edmonton set to kick off the draft festivities, again.  The draft hype will be heavy, likely ridiculous, so why wait? 

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NHLNumbers - An Overview

Jonathan Willis
May 10 2012 08:17AM



Wanye and Kent have already given you peeks behind the curtain, but here is a more thorough overview of the new NHLNumbers - The Nation's blog dedicated to studying the NHL and the game of hockey from an objective perspective.

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Welcome to NHLNumbers

Kent Wilson
May 09 2012 05:06PM



To those who are only now discovering advanced analysis in hockey, the entire endeavor must be slightly overwhelming. The collection of foreign sounding terms and acronyms, the array of tables and graphs, the intimidating argot of stats speak and often counter-intuitive findings can make the field seem alien and off-putting.

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