The value of a good starting goalie: a market calculation

Eric T.
October 11 2012 08:11AM

Mike Smith
Raise your hand if you saw this one coming
Photo by Mathew Cerasoli from the United States via Wikimedia Commons

A few days ago, a commenter had this to say:

Teams are allocating more $$ to goaltending than ever before. I'm fairly certain the only way teams have below $4M allocated to goaltending in the future will be if a goalie is on an ELC.

In 08/09, 3 teams had $7+M allocated to goaltending. Next season, 11 teams will have that amount. That's a significant increase in 4 years. In 12/13, there will be approx 15+ teams with $7+M allocated to goaltending. Why? Cause GMs are placing more importance on it, therefore placing more $$ on it. We saw in the last 2 summers that teams have to give goalies big contracts to retain them.

Let's use that as a jumping off point to talk about goalie contracts. I disagree with the claim that teams are spending more on goaltending, but perhaps more importantly, I will question a common assertion in the statistical community that teams should skimp on spending for goalies.

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NHL 2012-13 Preview Series

Jonathan Willis
October 10 2012 10:39AM

Over the past two months, the writers at NHL Numbers have been putting together a comprehensive set of 2012-13 team previews. After the jump, the entire list.

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New York Rangers 12-13 Preview: Cheesy Rick Nash Headline

Jonathan Willis
October 09 2012 04:48PM

2011-12 was a great season for the New York Rangers, possibly their best season since winning the Stanley Cup in 1994. They went to the third round of the playoffs for the first time since 1997, recorded more points than they have in a year since 1994, and put up a plus-39 goal differential, their best since the lockout. They showed themselves a legitimate Stanley Cup contender.

Will they rise or fall from their current position?

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Why are goalie save percentages rising?

Eric T.
October 09 2012 09:30AM

League average save percentage is on the rise

Save percentages have been increasing sharply in recent years. Some of this is because there have been fewer penalties called, but even just at even strength we see a clear increase in save percentage.

How do we explain this?

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Nashville Predators 2012-13 Annual: Rebuilding on the Fly?

Corey S.
October 08 2012 09:46AM

By somegeekintn [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

When it came to the top of teams who “lucked their way to success” last season, the topic that was most scrutinized by the hockey stats community was the Minnesota Wild’s hot start. However, there was another team who probably fit that category a little better and that team was the Nashville Predators.

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