2012 Stanley Cup Final Scoring Chances

Corey S.
June 18 2012 07:17AM

Photo by Bachrach44, via Wikimedia Commons

After defeating the New Jersey Devils in six games in this year's Stanley Cup Final, the Los Angeles Kings became the first eight-seeded team to win the Stanley Cup since the new playoff format was introduced in 1994. At first glance, this sounds like a huge upset but it really isn't if you have been paying attention to the playoffs and the run the Kings have been on. They got through the first three rounds in only 14 games and steamrolled over the Phoenix Coyotes in the Western Conference Finals.

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Nation Radio - June 16, 2012

June 17 2012 10:17AM

Less than a week until the draft boys and girls and the anticipation is starting to build. Will the OIlers pick Yakupov, Murray or trade down? Do the Leafs finally convince someone to take Luke Schenn? Will Calgary trade one of their "big three" contracts? Will everyone in the arena boo the Canucks organization again?

These questions (and more) will be answered in Pittsburgh this coming Friday/Saturday. For now, we're left speculating with folks like Jonathan Willis, Brad MacPherson and Kent Wilson.

This is Nation Radio.

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Blake Comeau: Bounce Back Candidate

Kent Wilson
June 15 2012 12:12PM


( New York Ranger writer Rob Luker recently took a look a Blake Comeau's season. Being a Rags fan, he didn't have anywhere to publish his findings, so he kindly sent his article over to us at FlamesNation and NHLNumbers.)

By: Rob Luker

Blake Comeau scored his first point(s) of the season against the Columbus Blue Jackets on December 1st, 2011 with a goal and an assist in a 4-3 shootout loss. Ironically, these points were not registered in a New York Islanders jersey, the team that he had been with regularly since 2007; but with the Calgary Flames, whom had claimed Comeau the day after Thanksgiving 2011. He signed a one year deal worth $2.5 Million with the Islanders last summer, and although his future with the Islanders was uncertain after 2012, I don’t think anyone could have predicted Comeau only scoring 15 points in 74 games.

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2012 Stanley Cup Final Zone Exits

Corey S.
June 14 2012 02:05PM

Photo by Michael Miller, via Wikimedia Commons

Zone exits are a new development in hockey analytics (or at least they are on the blogosphere) and they are meant to study how effectvie certain players are at moving the puck forward. Most hockey metrics are based on puck possession and driving the play forward. Most plays begin from the breakout game in the defensive zone, and tracking zone exits can give us a better idea of which players are contributing more to pushing the play forward. This is still a work in progress so the method I am using isn't perfect but as of right now, I look for a few different things for when I track zone exits:

Puck Touches: Number of times a player touched the puck in the defensive zone in an attempt to move the puck out of the zone.

Carries: Number of times a player successfully carried the puck into the neutral zone.

Passes: Number of times a player successfully passed the puck into the neutral zone, from the defensive zone.

Other: Number of times that a player successfully moved the puck into the neutral zone without carrying the puck or passing it to another player.

Turnovers: Number of times that a player turned the puck over to the opposing time while still in the defensive zone.

Icing: Number of times the player iced the puck from the defensive zone.

Success Percentage: (Carries + Passes + Other ) / Puck Touches

This is largely based on the method Jonathan Willis used to track zone exits for the Oilers earlier in the season. This is all five on five data.

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Jets re-sign Slater

Robert Cleave
June 13 2012 08:53PM


Winnipeg made its first move of the off-season this afternoon by retaining Jim Slater's services for the next three years at 1.6M per annum. The 29 year old from Lapeer, MI. scored a career high 13 goals this past season as the Jets' third line center on the so-called GST line with Tanner Glass and Chris Thorburn. The former MSU Spartan was also a primary penalty killer for the club, averaging over 2 minutes a night on the PK, a total higher than any other Winnipeg forward.

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