The importance of quality of competition

Eric T.
July 23 2012 09:11AM


Quality of competition faced is often used qualitatively when assessing a player’s performance, but a quantitative adjustment has proven elusive. It has been widely presumed that the difficulty arises from stratification of playing time; if the players who face top competition are usually themselves good players, then we would not see facing top competition correlating with poor results.

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Nation Radio - July 21, 2012

July 22 2012 10:46AM

The on-going Shea Weber drama is making the deep summer a bit more interesting than it would have been otherwise. Will the Flyers snatch Weber away from Nashville and cripple the Predators in the the wake of possibly their most successful season ever? Will Poile and company match? If not, will the Preds GM turn to the demon drink in bitterness? Stay tuned to find out!

This week, Allan discussed the Weber issue (and much more!) with guests Tom Lynn, Harrison Mooney, Ryan PIke and Jonh Matisz.

This is Nation Radio.

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Jason Gregor
July 19 2012 01:02PM

Shea Weber is smiling knowing that he will make $110 million for the remainder of his NHL career. That's some pretty sweet financial security for Weber, but I wonder what Preds' GM David Poile is thinking right now?

Does he match or take four first-round picks?

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Accounting for Teammates Part 1: Corsi Rel and WOWY

Jared Lunsford
July 18 2012 05:56PM



The quality of teammates influences almost every stat in all major sports. This is particularly true of the base stats we tend to use, such as on-ice Corsi or Fenwick rate, because they don't just take something a player has done (score a goal) but also include what his teammates did while he was on the ice. The reason we opt for on-ice stats instead of individual is simple - on-ice stats allow us to measure, albeit noisily, all the contributions a player makes to the thing you are measuring.

How often do you hear an announcer say "that kind of play doesn't show up on the stat sheet, but was very important"? If you're measuring on-ice stats instead of individual stats, and you have a large enough sample, those small plays will show up. The trick is accounting for teammate quality, or at the very least taking it into consideration.

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Improving AHL Equivalencies: AHL to NHL Shot Metrics Translations

Kent Wilson
July 18 2012 01:40PM



The following work is based on data collected and analyzed for two previously published articles at Habs Eyes on the Prize appearing here and here.

By: Stephen Cooper


Ever since Gabe Desjardins calculated the first NHL scoring equivalencies from NHL feeder leagues, the use of NHLE has been standard for “fancystat” analysis of prospect players. The original system has been refined by many, including Bruce Peter of Puck Worlds and Rob Vollman of Puck Prospectus. But the basic system of looking at only goals and points on a per game basis has remained essentially the same since the venerable and terrifying Desjardins made his first foray on the subject.

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