Nation Radio - July 14, 2012

July 15 2012 11:22AM

While the UFA "frenzy" remains a sort of tepid, apathetic singles dance, in the distance one can hear the rumble of thunder that signifies the impending battle between the league and the NHLPA. Gary Bettman has already fired a few shots over the bow of Donald Fehr and company, so it looks like the CBA talks are going to be...contentious at the very least.

For now, we'll continue to ignore the whole "there might be another lock-out" thing and keep on talking trades and stats. This week, Allan invited number crunchers and hockey writers from around the league including Benjamin Wendorf, James Mirtle and Corey Pronman to help with our denial.

This is Nation Radio.

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Robin Brownlee
July 14 2012 12:46AM

Multiple media outlets are reporting the NHL has tabled its first CBA proposal to the NHLPA. Based on what's being reported, it's a proposal that can only be characterized as a swift kick in the nuts low-ball offer to the NHLPA and the first volley in what stands to be a protracted and likely ugly negotiation.

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Report: Shane Doan offered four year deal worth more than $7.5 million per season

Jonathan Willis
July 13 2012 04:37PM

According to John Gambadoro, a sports radio host out of Phoenix, an Eastern Conference team has offered Phoenix Coyotes captain Shane Doan a four year deal with an annual cap hit north of $7.5 million. Is there any situation where that sort of money would make sense?

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Asking the Right Questions - Content Before Style

Kent Wilson
July 13 2012 12:19PM



(This series was originally published at FlamesNation)

In previous entries in this series, we've discussed how GM's and coaches can fall victim to certain fallacies that result in bad decision paths. In part one, we looked at mistaking correlation for causation in small sample sizes and fabricating narratives to explain randomness. In part two, the topic was overly weighting the effect of vague, unquantifiable factors in players and teams. 

I want to expand on that latter point this time around to cover how player categorization plus qualitative scouting reports can lead folks sometimes to value style over content.

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More on the advantages of puck possession over dump and chase

Eric T.
July 11 2012 10:12AM



A few days ago, I presented some of what we were able to learn from Geoff Detweiler's data tracking the Flyers' zone entries in 2011-12. One of the things I noted is that carrying the puck into the offensive zone generates a lot more offense than dumping the puck in.

In this article, I'll follow that observation up by answering some of the questions that a lot of people have asked and showing a little more about what we found.

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