Burying Nino Niederreiter

Josh L.
June 05 2012 12:00PM



The internet can be a cruel place. Nino Niederreiter had a bad season. In fact, it was historically unproductive. A quick Google search is probably all you need to see to realize how down casual observers are on Nino.

The second suggested search is "nino niederreiter bust". The former top ten pick played ten minutes a night on a bad team for 55 games and notched one solitary goal to go with exactly zero assists. It's early to call him a bust. As bad as his season was there is still plenty of reason for optimism going forward. Just how bad was his season though?

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Can the New Jersey Devils overcome their 0-2 deficit in the Stanley Cup Finals?

Jonathan Willis
June 04 2012 04:16PM

The New Jersey Devils are in real trouble.

According to NHL.com, on 44 occasions a team has won both the first and second games of the Stanley Cup Finals. Forty-one times, the team with that 2-0 advantage in the Finals goes on to win the Stanley Cup – a 93.2 percent success rate.

Can they manage the comeback?

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Cutting corners: don't spend money on goalies

Cam Charron
June 04 2012 08:33AM


The average playoff team this past season won 45.8 games and earned a team overall even strength save percentage of .921.

The average non-playoff team won just 35.5 games, probably because they only got .914 goaltending.

Obviously, goaltending is the absolute equalizer in hockey, and average teams ought to pay more for it to become "good" teams. Toronto, Columbus, Edmonton, Winnipeg, all ought to make finding the right goaltender a #1 priority this offseason and take a step forward?

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Percentages vs. Timing

Jonathan Willis
June 03 2012 02:37PM

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons; own work produced by Resolute.

One of the most frequent counterarguments to any percentage statistic – whether it be special teams’ effectiveness, save percentage, or something else – is the notion that overall percentage matters less than careful timing.

It’s an inane argument.

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Stanley Cup Finals Game 2 Scoring Chances

Corey S.
June 03 2012 07:03AM

By Resolute, via Wikimedia Commons

Most people who watched this game will probably tell you that the Devils were the better team even though they lost in overtime. That statement was true for most of the game where the Devils had a 19-14 advantage in scoring chances....and then overtime happened. The Kings were a bit lackluster overall but they just took the game over during overtime and now have themselves a 2-0 series lead. This definitely wasn't LA's best performance and they did get lucky a few times tonight, but that's what generally happens in the playoffs. Sometimes you need to have a few bounces go your way and that includes a team as good as the Kings.

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