Kings - Coyotes Game 2 Scoring Chances

Corey S.
May 16 2012 07:43AM

Still searching for answers
photo by Michael Wifall via Wikimedia Commons

 After the dominant showing from the Los Angeles Kings in Game 1, especially from the Kopitar line, many people were wondering two things;

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NHLNumbers Podcast 2: Belated Conference Finals Preview

NHLnumbers Podcast
May 15 2012 04:12PM

As we did over at Driving Play, we are doing previews of each series featuring guests who are writers or bloggers for the teams in question. Unfortunately we also followed the tradition of taking a bit too long editing and the short break did us no favors so this is coming out after game 1.

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Number Chains - May 15, 2012 Links

Kent Wilson
May 15 2012 11:42AM

 This new, regular feature on NHLNumbers will share interesting stats-related posts from around the web every week.

  • First up is a non-hockey article from Deadspin. Confessions of an NBA scorekeeper looks at how certain results in pro basketball are "fudgible" and how even earnest or well-meaning stats counters can be influenced to favorably adjust things like assists or blocks for a certain team or player on any given night.

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How much does size impact faceoff ability in the NHL?

Jonathan Willis
May 15 2012 08:59AM


(NHLNumbers will occasionally publish some of our authors' archived material. This article was originally posted on December 24, 2010)

A question that has come up a few times is whether big players tend to have an advantage when taking faceoffs. There is a certain logic to the idea that they do: after all, bigger, stronger players should be able to out-muscle their smaller counterparts in the faceoff circle.

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Kings - Coyotes Game 1 Scoring Chances

Corey S.
May 14 2012 05:11PM

Can anyone stop Dustin Brown?
Photo by Nichole Glaze, via Wikimedia Commons

With the scoring chance project growing in popularity this season, it is only appropriate that we carry this analysis into the playoffs. I, along with a few other bloggers, have been tracking chances for various playoff games this post-season. However, the Western Conference Finals series between the Los Angeles Kings and Phoenix Coyotes will be the debut of the scoring chance project on NHLNumbers.

For those who are not familiar with this system, a scoring chance is an unblocked shot directed at the net from what is defined as a "dangerous scoring area," which is represented by this diagram. Scoring chances are tracked because they give us a better idea of who is creating and preventing the most opportunities for their team than shots alone can. Stats like corsi (aka. even strength shot attempts) give us an idea of which players are controlling possession, but scoring chances give us a better idea of who is creating more offense for their team.

This entire project was made possible by Vic Ferrari and his fantastic Time On Ice site that let's anyone log scoring chances for any game.

As for this game, most people who watched it will tell you that the Kings dominated about 80% of the contest en route to a 4-2 victory and the underlying numbers don't disagree. LA was blowing away Phoenix shot-wise and outchanced (+7) at even strength and (+8) overall.

The real story is how dominant Los Angeles' top line was. They looked as good as any unit in the playoffs this year and are going to be huge trouble for Phoenix if they keep it up.

A closer look at this game is coming after the jump.

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