Watch the Game Episode 11: Getting down to business with Greg Brady

Watch The Game Podcast
November 21 2016 12:48PM

watch the game

Sam invited Jeff Veillette of Leafs Nation to come onto the show and co-host. They then welcome on radio host Greg Brady (5:15) to talk about the NHL. Who is good, who is bad, what exactly is happening with the Leafs and Wings. Get ready for some good debate.

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Dylan Strome is Not a Bust

Megan Kim
November 21 2016 12:00PM

A word-for-word transcript of my conversation with NHLN's Managing Editor on Saturday night: 

Me: but um, hey, can i write about dylan strome?

Cam: Sure, what are you thinking?

Me: something like "a case for the 29th place Arizona Coyotes to keep Dylan Strome in the lineup for more than one game every week and a half" sort of deal + whether it'd be beneficial for him to be back in Erie after world juniors!

Cam: Yeah sure!


There goes that.

As of Sunday afternoon, the Erie Otters are a heck of a lot stronger -- and they're already the best team in the OHL with a record of 16-5-2, and Strome's return will undoubtedly make them Memorial Cup favorites. This also clears up Canada's World Juniors roster picture and lends them some stability, as they're now certain to ice Strome and Seattle Thunderbirds center Mat Barzal down the middle.

But is this the best move for Strome and the Coyotes?

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NHLN Notebook: The OHL-AHL relationship, Detroit's ugly situation, and Dougie Hamilton's confusing usage

Cam Lewis
November 21 2016 11:24AM


Dylan Strome is stuck in limbo, being too good for the OHL but not good enough for the NHL. The Red Wings, after a hot start to the season, have started to crash, which helps remind us how bad their cap situation moving forward actually is. And Dougie Hamilton keeps coming up in trade rumours, which is bizarre, but not as bizarre as the Flames' reluctance to use him as much as they should. 

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Watch the Game Episode 10: The League's Best Goaltenders with Ian Fleming

Watch The Game Podcast
November 19 2016 01:07PM


Cam welcomes Ian Fleming, the guy behind S.A.V.E. data visualization for goalies, to the show to talk about the best metrics to analyze goaltending in the NHL and who the league's best are despite common perception. 

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NHLN notebook: Injuries, Stars taking liberties and prospects

Zach Laing
November 17 2016 10:56AM


The NHLN Notebook is a semi-regular feature of interesting hockey content from the past few days that doesn't quite deserve its own article. 

Well folks, we are officially 1/3 of the way through the NHL season.

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