NHLN Power Rankings: Feb. 14, 2017

Scott Maxwell
February 14 2017 01:21PM

It's time for your weekly dose of the NHL Numbers power rankings. I'll look at the five best and worst NHL teams thus far in the season, as well as the three best and worst players in the last week.

Note: All use of Corsi For and Expected Goals For are Score and Venue Adjusted, and at even strength. All stats come from Corsica Hockey, and NHL.com (don't worry, it's only the standings).

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How Good Are The Leafs: January Edition

Dom Luszczyszyn
February 14 2017 09:59AM

Photo Credit: Raj Mehta/USA TODAY SPORTS

My apologies for slacking for the delay as this "January" update has now turned into a mid-February one. Well, happy Valentine's Day from me to you as I provide a monthly update of how good this team is.

It is now month five of the season, we're hitting the home stretch and it seems like the Leafs are fading. They're reeling of late winning just two of their last eight games. It hasn't been pretty. Fortunately, though, the team is still very much in the playoff hunt, even if it's getting much tighter lately. Fans are turning pessimistic, but the team is still in a decent spot. Much better than where I thought they'd be at the start of the season at least. 

Before the season started I projected that the Leafs would be around an 87 point team based on a model using Game Score which measures the value of each player in the league. Right now, they're set to surpass those expectations as they're on pace for 93 points (same as they were in the last update!) and they may even be a smidgen better than that.

Here's how good the Leafs are, right now, according to Game Score, a look at who's driving those results, and how their ratings have changed from month to month.

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By The Numbers: Jets have holes to fill at forward

Garret Hohl
February 14 2017 08:07AM


© Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports

The Winnipeg Jets are losing more games than they win. They sit third-last in standing's points per game played. Some models show the Jets having a greater shot at first overall than making the playoffs(Let's ignore the models have Jets with a near 50 percent chance of neither playoffs nor top five pick)

Not everything is going as planned.

Just like one must know what broke before repairing a car, we must analytically dissect the Jets and see where the help is needed. Let's look at the Jets' holes and discuss some solutions on fixing the team, with keeping in mind the up coming trade deadline.

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Top to Bottom — Trade Deadline Edition: Pacific Division

Cam Lewis
February 14 2017 07:00AM

This is a four-part series analyzing where each NHL teams stands heading into the trade deadline based on the context of each division, and the short- and long-term implications of buying or selling with the expansion draft around the corner. 

The Pacific Division is completely wide open. Though San Jose appears to still be the cream of the crop, the Oilers have showed flashes of brilliance, and the Ducks and Kings have a track record of previous success. The Canucks and Flames are in a difficult situation determining whether to buy or sell, while the Coyotes have known for months that their season is over. 

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Assigning goal value to Toronto's faceoff takers

Jeff Veillette
February 13 2017 04:32PM

Photo Credit: Dan Hamilton/USA TODAY SPORTS

Shortly after I woke up this morning, I stumbled upon a tweet from Empirical Sports co-founder Michael Schuckers, referencing an analysis that he and a few peers had done years prior on the statistical value of a faceoff in the National Hockey League. Their finding was that you needed an approximate faceoff differential of 76.5 for your talents at the dot to be worth a goal differential of 1. They also broke it down into even strength and special teams, and into specific zones.

The final findings were summed up in this table:

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