Why has scoring has gone down so drastically in the NHL?

Jacob Stoller
September 09 2016 04:00PM

Many die-hard hockey fans can tell you that Wayne Gretzky holds the all-time NHL scoring record with 2,857 points. And they'll also likely tell you this record will likely never be broken not just because of the nearly 1,000 point difference he has on the next highest scorer of all-time, Mark Messier, but also because of how drastically scoring has declined in the NHL. 

There's no one simple explanation for this cause, but let's take a look at some of the reasons as to why the number of goals per game is going down.

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A look back at the Red Wings' last ever #6: Cummy Burton

Mike Commito
September 09 2016 02:04PM


Cummy Burton and Gordie Howe. As a rookie, Burton roomed with Mr. Hockey on road trips. 

Jeopardy contestant: I'll take NHL Potpourri for $400, Alex. 

Alex Trebek: He was the last player to wear #6 for the Detroit Red Wings. 

Jeopardy contestant: Who is Larry Aurie? 

Alex Trebek: Oh I'm sorry, we were actually looking for Cummy Burton. 

Jeopardy contestant: The singer from the Guess Who played hockey?

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Want to win your fantasy pool this year? Buy the 2016-17 Fantasy Hockey Draft Kit from DailyFaceoff

Thomas Drance
September 09 2016 11:14AM

Screen Shot 2016-09-09 at 11.27.16 AM

Today the Nation Network is proud to present the 2016-17 Fantasy Hockey Draft Kit from DailyFaceoff. This season the DailyFaceoff Draft Kit includes: fantasy projections for over 300 skaters; in-depth analysis of the best freshmen, rookies, goalies and sleepers; player rankings of the top-275 fantasy targets and everything else you need to win your Fantasy Hockey pool this season.

You can buy your downloadable copy of the DailyFaceoff Draft Kit from the Nation Gear store today, for just $4.95! Like the late-round gems the DailyFaceoff Draft Kit will help you unearth, it's a steal!

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Can the Flames keep up their offensive production?

Ari Yanover
September 09 2016 11:00AM

In the 2015-16 season, the Flames scored 231 goals. They were 11th in the league in terms of offence. Scoring goals was not the problem for them - preventing goals was, seeing as how their 260 allowed was the most in the NHL.

The Flames have taken steps to prevent more goals this season; specifically, they completely overhauled their entire crease. On paper, they look good. We'll see how that comes to when put into practice.

But will their offence hold up? Let's take a look at that.

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Having Some Fun With the Passing Project: Dangerous Duos

September 09 2016 10:04AM

Over the past several months, Ryan Stimson's (@RK_Stimp) passing project has been bringing new information to the public about what types of passing sequences lead to the most dangerous types of shots. Ryan, Sean TierneyGus Katsaros and others have written excellent pieces on how this data can be used to analyze team performance. I've written a couple of pieces attempting to evaluate individual player performance based on the data tracked in the project. All of this work is based around the concept of primary shot contributions (PSC), which include all shots and primary shot assists. As I've been working with the data, one idea has always followed me. I want to know which two players combine to create the most dangerous shots for their teams. Using the weighted PSC metric that I introduced earlier this week, I can finally take a first look at exploring this idea.

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