Offseason Transactions Deep Dive: The Jason Garrison Trade

Dimitri Filipovic
September 22 2014 12:07PM

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If it feels like it has been quite some time since the frenzy of moves the Vancouver Canucks made in that hectic stretch bridging the end of June and beginning of July, it's because it has been. With the summer now officially having been put in the rearview mirror as training camps are set to begin across the league, we're running a 5-part series reviewing what the Canucks did this summer, and what it means for them moving forward.

This deep dive was executed by the excellent MoneyPuck_ on Twitter, who has contributed content for us in the past.

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Nation World HQ
September 22 2014 04:00AM


The Tampa Bay Lightning were back in the playoffs in 2013-14 after missing the postseason in the two previous years. To date, they have 16/1 odds to win the Stanley Cup, 10th best odds in the NHL.

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Quantifying Compete Level: The Fanciest of Stats

Jon Steitzer
September 19 2014 11:36AM

There has been a lot of talk lately about how the Leafs have used stats in the past few years, and that they’ve got internal ways of measuring players success. I found this interesting, because any stat they are using would seemingly defy any logical means to assess a player’s success. The other thing that can’t be ignored is the fact that the Leafs management carryovers (Nonis and Carlyle) seemingly have a love affair with the term compete level. Compete level until now has had no definition, but I felt it is time to give it one, and the proper statistic support to back it up.

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Nation World HQ
September 19 2014 05:30AM


Training camps open, Taylor Hall just getting started, David Clarkson and his contract, TJ Brodie with a Norris in his future, Markus Naslund to the hall of fame and more in this week's Roundup.

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Nation World HQ
September 18 2014 06:03PM


In their third season under head coach Mike Yeo, the Minnesota Wild played to 43 wins (most since 20087-08) and got passed the Western Conference Quarterfinals for the first time since 2002-03.

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