Calder Cup 2014 Finals - Fancystats Preview

Josh W
June 08 2014 10:30AM

Screen Shot 2014-06-05 at 3.10.49 AM

As with the rest of the Calder Cup we have been looking at some of the underlying numbers to try and analyze the likely outcomes of each round. Although performance metrics are gaining some mainstream attention in the NHL, they tend to be quite rare in other leagues. This is one of the few places where AHL fancystats are known, so lets use these numbers one last time this year to look at the final match up in the Calder Cup Finals to see who is most likely to walk away the winner.

Continue past the jump for a breakdown of the final!

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June 06 2014 02:52PM


We are, at most, 6 games away from the end of the season and that means the playoff pool is winding down to what looks to be an exciting finish.  Even though I know how much you guys look forward to the weekly updates, the good times can't go on forever. The Stanley Cup Finals are underway and holy hell was Game 1 ever a beauty. The Rangers came out like a house on fire, and as the game went on LA forced their will upon the Rangers. It was a great start to what I hope is a long series. My sole pool survivor, Drew Doughty, scored me a couple points but my terrible draft performance continues.

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Journal of Hockey Analytics: Volume I Issue 4

Josh W
June 02 2014 10:46AM


Courtesy of Reddit's /u/Kebbs

Welcome back to this week's Journal of Hockey Analytics. For your giant repository of link dumps of all hockey analytics works I could find. Whether to help you get through a boring Monday or to help you advance your shot quality project. Take a look and maybe your ideas will be inspired.

For systems analysis, more "Sham Sharron" scouting tips, and new data for your own projects, see all the links past the jump!

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May 30 2014 03:30PM


It's Friday and don't, for one second, pretend you're working on anything. You may as well read this Playoff Pool update to see how badly I suck and how my dreams of Internet prizery are being replaced by the stench of failure and loneliness. Somewhere out there, Chris Kelly is laughing at me. He's pointing at his screen and mocking my stupidity. Not only did I choose an injured player for my roster, I didn't take a single Canadien,NY Ranger or Chicago Blackhawk. Now, the only thing left for me to stare at the concrete as I plummet to earth and wait for impact. This is my life at the bottom, laugh if you must.

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The #Logoff Podcast: Mr.Fin Says Joe Thornton Will Be a Montreal Canadien!

Dimitri Filipovic
May 29 2014 02:43PM

I must say that red looks good on ya, Joe.

Earlier in the week we had planned to record a podcast on Thursday afternoon, in which we'd preview the Stanley Cup Final and recap each of the Conference Finals. But then things happened, and each of the respective series extended to the point where we were left high and dry.

So we made do with what we had, and talked about #hot topics such as "is Rene Bourque actually good?", "is Alexei Emelin better than Cam's toaster?", "why does the general public love Jonathan Quick so much?", and "is Michal Handzus better than Sidney Crosby?". Only one of those was made up, but the rest were actually discussed.

Then we rang up Friend of the Podcast Mr.Fin to answer some questions from our devoted Twitter followers, before he dropped the bombshell that we based the title of this week's edition of the #LogOff Podcast on. 

Click past the jump to listen. 

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