Because It's The Cap: Los Angeles Kings

Scott Maxwell
June 14 2016 03:47PM

Considered to be one of the NHL's dynasties, the Kings have lost their touch recently. Whether it's due to the core aging, or the horrendous cap management, there are many places for you to point your fingers.

But can they get back to their glory of winning the Cup, or are they forever trapped between a rock and a hard place

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Because It's The Cap: New York Rangers

Cam Lewis
June 13 2016 04:54PM

Last season, we witnessed what is most certainly the beginning of the slow death of the New York Rangers as a legitimate contender in the Eastern Conference. 

They had about as successful a regular season as we’ve been accustomed to recently, but they were dropped in the first round by the Pittsburgh Penguins in just five games as the holes in their game noticeable through their underlying numbers that peeked out behind their record became very, very evident. 

Now we have a team with an aging and expensive core with virtually zero reinforcements coming up through the system, as the front office’s mantra of selling the farm in the attempt to ‘win now’ for so many years is quickly starting to catch up to them. 

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Because It's The Cap: New York Islanders

Cam Lewis
June 12 2016 10:28AM

After finally breaking free from the chains of consistent mediocrity that plagued the franchise for over twenty years, the New York Islanders find themselves in a curious situation. Their last two seasons have been excellent. They made the playoffs each year, this spring they won their first playoff series since 1993, and for the first time since 1980-81 and 1981-82, they amassed 100 points in back-to-back seasons. 

Unfortunately, thanks to a few key players set to hit the free agent market this summer, things in Brooklyn could be slowing down before they ever really even had the chance to get going. The Islanders and their new ownership are going to need find a way to navigate through what’ll be a pivotal offseason in guiding the direction of the team for years to come. 

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Because it's the Cap: Detroit Red Wings

Adam Laskaris
June 11 2016 06:54PM

Pavel Datsyuk really messes this whole salary cap thing up, eh? It's really hard to say what the Wings future holds, especially when they might be saddled with the cap hit of Datsyuk without actually having him on their roster.

While they did extend a 25-year playoff streak this season, honestly, just making the playoffs was a near-miracle in itself. And in an improving Atlantic Division, it might be another year of just making it... or 2016-17 could be *GASP* the year the Wings finally miss the playoffs. 

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Gordie Howe: The Second Act

Greg Brady
June 11 2016 08:17AM

So much has been written about Gordie Howe's hockey legacy over the past 24 hours, and what more can be added, truly?  A week after boxing's greatest icon passed away, one of hockey's most iconic figures lost a long and difficult battle with dementia, at age 88.  

I've always noted how fortunate I've been to have just caught glimpses and "windows" of some great athletes' careers before they ended.  I don't remember Johnny Unitas or Joe Namath, but I do recall Hank Aaron as a very small boy (and had a Topps baseball card labeling him as a "DH") with the Milwaukee Brewers.  I don't remember Wilt Chamberlain but obviously, I was front and centre and paying attention for the beginning of the careers of Bird, Magic, and Isiah.  

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