What the NWHL Salary Cuts Mean for Women in Hockey

Kyla Lane
November 20 2016 09:00AM


If you Google the NWHL, its Wikipedia page comes up with (2015 - ) beside its name. If you Google the NHL, there’s no date beside it. This could mean absolutely nothing, but considering Friday’s events regarding the NWHL, it seems to be an eery reminder that the National Women’s Hockey League seemingly has an expiry date attached to it. While I realize this topic lacks the Oilers, I also think that the downfall of the first professional women’s hockey league that promised to pay its players is a topic that all hockey fans should be concerned about.

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Watch the Game Episode 10: The League's Best Goaltenders with Ian Fleming

Watch The Game Podcast
November 19 2016 01:07PM


Cam welcomes Ian Fleming, the guy behind S.A.V.E. data visualization for goalies, to the show to talk about the best metrics to analyze goaltending in the NHL and who the league's best are despite common perception. 

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Should the Leafs be interested in Andrew Hammond?

Jeff Veillette
November 19 2016 11:39AM

Photo Credit: Marc DesRosiers/USA TODAY SPORTS

The Ottawa Senators have returned to a stable goaltending situation, deciding to go with Craig Anderson and Mike Condon as their netminders in the immediate future. With this in mind, this meant letting go of Andrew Hammond, who has been placed on waivers today. It's a pretty surprising turn of events, but is it one that the Leafs should take advantage of?

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By The Numbers: Dano and Petan prove they should stay

Garret Hohl
November 18 2016 10:02AM

It is still early in the season, but the Winnipeg Jets have already provided some ups and downs for fans. Major injuries have been a big down.

The injuries started early on with Bryan Little falling almost right away, and since then the Jets injury reserve climbed up to a peak of nine regular roster players.

With the injuries came opportunity, and two players have made the most of their opportunity.

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Which Flames can we expect more out of?

Ari Yanover
November 18 2016 10:00AM

The Flames' season so far has been a disappointing one, not just because of their poor start, but because there are a number of players who haven't delivered.

Sure, there have been the bright spots and pleasant surprises. But for the most part, there have been a bunch of guys we expect more out of - and rightfully so, based on recent history - that simply haven't shown up yet.

That doesn't mean they won't, though. And there's plenty of reason to expect those struggling to turn things around sooner or later. Whether it's soon enough to make a difference to this season is as of yet undetermined - but these are still players who should be worth keeping around for a while yet.

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